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These are letters and excerpts that some of our valued customers have hand written or e-mailed to us through the years.

The Silent Symphony has recently been called an example of  "Opto-electro-mechanical elegance".

Thank you all for these wonderful and heartfelt expressions!

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February, 2015

Good afternoon,

I still have my first 2 crystal prism that I received as a gift nearly 26 years ago. Since that time, both my brother who is from Boulder, and I have given several as gifts. You never disappoint. When you walk into a room filled with so much color I believe it infuses a little joy into one's soul.
Thank you for continuing to fill our world with living color!

M.M. Coralville, Iowa


Dear Solar Images,

I would like to tell you how much I enjoy the Silent Symphony that sits on a windowsill in my living room. Since we get more sunshine here in Colorado's Grand Valley than many places on this planet, it is a delight to have a cascade of rainbow colors bouncing off the living room walls every morning. And on the rare day that we have no sunshine, the crystals, although not in motion, still add beauty to the room. In these days of energy conservation, this small example of solar energy is wonderful.

Because of its uniqueness, the Silent Symphony makes a perfect gift, especially a wedding gift. It is unlikely that the bridal couple would receive more than one, but if they should, the sun will shine in more than one spot in their home. I also have had occasions to give the Silent Symphony to friends in Germany. They have seen nothing like it, and are delighted with the dance of color that it has added to their surrounding.

Best Wishes, R.B.

Grand Junction, Colorado


September 29, 2017

I purchased two silent symphonies and they have brightened the kitchen every sunny morning.  It is difficult to express how satisfying and soothing those moving rainbows are and how they set a positive tone for the coming day. I have never made a more cost effective purchase. 

Best regards, A.M

Pensacola, FL


July 7, 2015

Your rainbow maker is truly magnificent! You're right that it was the Nick's movie I'd seen it, but I only remember that her rainbow maker had more than the two crystals I saw on ScientificsOnline. When I saw the more organic looking 3-crystal version, I was smitten. I am totally deeeeeelighted with my purchase. Form and function at its best!!    Thank you!!  

J.D.   Sunnyvale, CA

August 4, 2015

Good Morning Phil & Dawn,

...I know when you sell or make something it is so nice to know how it effects people and I want you to know that these certainly effect me every day when I look at them.  They remind me of how my gram & gramps smiled when they would turn and reflect off of everything.  They just loved them!  On a funny note, my dog chases the rainbows when they fly around the room on the carpet, it is so funny.

L.F  Delaware


Dear Solar People,

In my house we have one of your three crystal Silent Symphonies. What a joy it is! The beautiful rainbows reach into the whole house. Sometimes I'm simply brought to a standstill by them, especially on strong sunny days. Everyone who sees it is instantly captivated. I've referred several folks your way! Hope your Symphony brings you as much pleasure as it does us!

All the best, L.F.

Nellysford, VA


Dear Sirs-

We have enjoyed our solar powered rainbow maker so much. It has been admired by many friends and relatives. Please send a price list so we may consider purchasing some for gifts.

Thank You, M.H.

Beaver Crossing, Nebraska


Solar Images;

I have seen some of your products, and I think that they would be very helpful in the classroom. The products I've seen would be great for the students. Please send me a catalog.....

Thank You, E.A.

Blackfoot, Idaho


August 2, 2014

Yea! After two days of overcast weather I finally am able to see this lovely piece in motion! The crystals are heavy, well made and perfectly clear and offer a rich, deep rainbow of color! The reflections are so beautiful and the fact that it is silent makes it all the more enjoyable while watching the light bouncing from the walls! Very soothing and calming! And the sellers are very nice to work with! Thank you so much for adding a little bit of unexpected joy and happiness to my days! Truly wonderful! :-)

J.K.  Huntington Beach, CA


Dear Sirs;

My husband and I are enjoying the "Silent Symphony" we received as a gift. May we please have a catalog of your gifts?

Thank You, D.S.

East Haddam, CT


Dear Person;

Our daughter presented to us one of your Silent Symphonies as a gift. This note is a thank you to you for having created this lovely, cheery, playful "friend". When my husband and I walk downstairs on a sunny morning, there are our wondrous little pets cavorting over the floors, walls and ceilings. We can't resist saying good morning to them!

Two of our friends were so enchanted by our double symphony that they copied your address.

Again, Thanks and keep sparkling- J.M.F.

Somerville, NJ


Dear Friends at solar Images,

Since 1990, I have purchased three of your units of enjoyment. I have never been able to keep them for myself, as I have given them all as gifts. Two of the units have gone to new owners, but the larger unit was purchased for my mom, who was in her late 80's. I am sure that the beauty she found every morning has helped her have better days. When new, she was anxious to get up so that she could watch her rainbows dance. Thank you so much for being there for me to call on whenever I needed a gift that is beyond compare. It is truly a gift that "keeps on giving," especially to those who are invalid or housebound.

Sincerely yours, D.L.M

Des Moines, Iowa


September, 2000

Hi !   The silent dance of your light-barer bring great joy even across the big pond!  We are enjoying the Silent Symphony so very much.  Thank you for spreading light and joy into our house!  

We wish you well, Rita and Family

Zofingen, Switzerland


Nov. 2000

I'm glad to see that you are still going strong.  Your product has brought great joy and solace to many.  I gave one to one of my best friends who had brain cancer last year.  Your work helped him more than you could know.  Now that he is gone, our symphony reminds me of him daily.  He is the rainbow on my wall.

Thanks so much, C.D.



April 2001

Hi! I just wanted to let you know how much I love my Silent Symphony.  My husband purchased the four crystal model from you a few years back.  Anyway I just wanted to let you know how much we've enjoyed it ! 

 Thank you ! J.J.

Denver, CO


January 22, 2002

I Received a double crystal Serenade as a gift.  I Must tell you how much our family has enjoyed it's beauty.  Sunny cold days are made much warmer with all the color flowing through the room.  I am sure to purchase at least one more in the future  Thank you for making such a simply beautiful product.

T.P.   Lynchburg, VA


February 10, 2003

Just wanted to say thank you for creating such a wonderful piece of art that I enjoy especially on a day like today when the Colorado sun is shining bright on a cold day. I am an artist who appreciates the moment when the sun hits my rainbow maker. One of the best parts of a creative day spent in my studio.

A.G.   Grand Junction,  CO


February 19, 2004

Thank you so much for this wonderful invention, my mother gets so much joy from your art!

M.T. Chicago,  IL


July 28, 2008

Just FYI, I have a unit that I've had for about ten years.  S/He has made magic all over the world.  You would not believe the crowds s/he drew in a small village on the Kenyan/Ugandan border!  (Peace Corps)  Anyway, I love your products, they make the world a happier, more magical place!

N.P.  Salt Lake City, Utah


December 8, 2010

....Thanks so much for having such a beautiful and magical item, that continues to bring smiles, joy and beauty into every home I gift it to...

L.L.  Santa Cruz, CA


June 24, 1996

Your invention affords me endless fascination, more often I'm watching the crystals rotate than the rainbows on my walls; meditative.

J.W.   NYC,  New York


February 26, 1999

I was thoroughly enchanted recently by your creation when visiting a friend's house and immediately fell in love with it.  What a refined , beautiful, and resplendent work of art!

G.L.   Fairfield Iowa


December 30, 1999

My heart is so full of praise admiration and appreciation for both of you!  Your "Silent Symphony" helps me through the "crummy times".  You are here with me thru my prism which enriches my life every sunny day. 

M.F.   Waco Texas


February 23, 2001

I have given your Symphonies to friends and everyone has told me how much joy and happiness they have brought them, and how beautiful they are.

M.B.  Port Orchard, WA


August 11, 1993

A very close friend of myself and my wife gave us  your "Silent Symphony" as a wedding gift last year.  It is by far my favorite gift from our wedding.  I can't tell you what joy this small wonder brings to my day to day life.  Thank you for the magic!

Sincerely,  D.C.  Sky Forest, CA



...my out of town folks liked my solar rainbow maker so much I had to give it to them.  Thank goodness I could replace it.  I think I have given one of these to everyone I know.  They also made wonderful wedding gifts.  Also I knew they wouldn't get two of them.  It's one of a kind and wouldn't wear out.

Sincerely, H.W.T   Denver, CO


March 2, 1995

I received a Silent Symphony as a gift.  It is wonderful!  rainbows have had a special meaning for me, reminding me of promises and truth.  Please send me a catalogue of your product, I would like to buy more as gifts.

C.A.   Blaine, WA


November 19, 1994

I'm writing in regards to your Silent Symphony.  We purchased one in Estes park in 1993.  It has brought great joy to our lives.  We would like to purchase another single crystal Silent Symphony...

M.M.   Lincoln Nebraska


May 12, 1994

Dear Rainbow makers,  A couple of years ago I purchased a double machine from you.  The joy and happiness it has brought my elderly mother is immeasurable.

D.M    Estes Park, Colorado


December 28, 1995

Hello Solar Images,  I'm very impressed with your Silent Symphony.  My neighbors received one for a wedding present and I've always admired it.  I'm curious if you have different sizes and shapes to choose from.  I'd like to buy one from you if possible.

B.G.   Boulder, Colorado


May  9,  2009

What a delightful, enjoyable beauty you've created!  The happiness it has brought is even greater than I thought it would be.  It's wonderful and I thank you so much.

H.S.   Arvada, Colorado