The Story

Well, it all began many years ago right here in Colorado.  The idea was always in my head but one spring day in April of 1986 it decided to hang around in my conscious mind long enough for me to grab hold of it.  I believe the origin of the subconscious thought must have been the H.G. Wells classic "The First Men in the Moon".  Since I was raised on TV (back when it was a sane medium) I must have viewed the movie about a dozen times.  The part that stuck in my mind was a scene on the moon deep in a subterranean cavern where the local inhabitants constructed an energy source that consisted of a large crystal on a horizontal axis. The crystal turned only when struck by sunlight, which entered from an above aperture. One Snowy day in May I decided to stay home from work and I built the first working model with parts that I had collected over time.  By the time I was done it was dark and I had to wait until morning to see it work..  The next morning was a typical sunny Colorado day and my wife and I awoke to rainbows in motion emanating from the kitchen windowsill.  The model had one crystal and it performed better than anticipated. The patterns radiated in all directions not in a monotonous rotation as I thought might be the case.  As time passed I observed the reactions of our friends which always started with curiosity and ended with "Do you need a business partner?"   The next step was the patent, a necessary evil in this world.  It took a lot of money and stress.  My wife worked hard cleaning homes for the extra income needed for the "fees" involved.  It all paid off when the patent was finally granted.  Next we needed a name for it.  Names came and went but none of them really clicked.  Finally it came one day from an unlikely source, my mother.  I gave her one as a gift and when she saw it work she said that "it was like silent music" and the name "Silent Symphony"  was born, thanks Mom.  Then came various craft shows where we met some really nice people many of which are our loyal customers to this day.  As the device evolved through the years we fine tuned it and worked out any bugs, made some improvements and in the process four different models emerged.  We even named them, sort of like they were children, low maintenance children that is. Aria, Serenade, Overture, and Crescendo respectively.  Some of our customers love to call on their cell phone from an airport tarmac, lets say, on their way to an event somewhere, place an order and have a unique "gift that keeps on giving" meet them at their destination ( for a little extra postage that is).  What is really a plus is that our product attracts such nice people who are a joy to deal with.  There have been so many wonderful letters from our loyal customers through the years about their many experiences with the Silent Symphony.  Our creations end up all over the world and some have found their way into some celebrity's homes as well.  One (we can't say who) even had some ideas that we used on the arrangement of the crystals for the Crescendo which turned up in a music video.  Our advertising budget is next to nothing since the product is all but self promoting.  I left a lot of things out that happened along the way but I won't leave out that I am grateful to every one that has helped and encouraged me though the years.  They include my lovely wife. My children, our great customers and suppliers, and most all the creator of all things, my God who through his undeserved kindness graciously gave me all of the above including any abilities I may have.   Phil