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The Silent Symphony is the original  solar powered  rainbow maker.  It was invented by us in 1983 and patented in 1988.   It gives  the  already beautiful  spectrum of sunlight the  added  dimension of gentle movement and produces an orchestration of brilliant colors all over the room.   All it needs is direct sunlight.   They make wonderful gifts since they keep giving everyday the sun shines.  This simple yet effective device will liven up any room with direct sunlight (will not work with tinted windows).  It self activates when the sunlight intensity is sufficient to support refraction and keeps going until the light drops off.   As the sun changes position the effects change as well so it's never monotonous!  Even when idle they are conversation pieces since their design adds a "da Vinci" flavor to the room.  Thousands of our creations have been sold worldwide in an effort to make it a happier place.  Here are some  testimonials to our product.

We offer four basic models: The Aria (one crystal) 3"x 3½",  Serenade (two crystal) 3"x 4", Overture (three crystal)  4½"x 5½" and our most recent addition, the four crystal  Crescendo  which measures 3"x 8".  We use only Swarovski® chandelier grade crystal for our creations. They are hand made in the U.S. with quality materials for longevity.    

Replacement parts, repairs or reconditioning are always available should there be a need.  Please call ahead for these services.


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